The man won the lottery on the last day of cancer treatment

Мужчина выиграл в лотерею в последний день лечения рака

American cancer won 200, 000 USD from a lottery ticket purchased on the way to his last treatment with chemotherapy.

Ronnie foster, who is struggling with colon cancer, bought a scratch card in Raleigh, North Carolina, and won $ 5. But the second ticket brought him a very considerable sum.

“I saw all these zeros and froze. Winning this was my lucky day,” said foster.

Mr. foster said, “the Educational lottery in North Carolina” that he’s happy because I went to a local hospital for the last cycle of chemotherapy.

Win Mr. foster after tax amounted to slightly more than 141 000 dollars. A retired employee of transport Department says it plans to use the money to pay for medical bills.

Although he has medical insurance, Mr. foster said that the costs of cancer treatment still exist.