The market for gas: Naftogaz explained who now generates prices

Рынок газа: Нафтогаз объяснил, кто теперь формирует цены

Naftogaz to supply gas only to its customers, offering several rates. The cost of gas now forming gas supplying company.

After the launch of the gas market from 1 August the prices are no longer regulated by the state or Naftogaz and established gas supply companies, the press service of Naftogaz.

Consumers may freely choose suppliers of gas depending on the proposed tariffs, services and additional services.

According to the national Commission, early in the year about 69% of the volume of gas supplies to the population was carried out by the Regional gas suppliers of the company, around 2% of group Naftogaz of Ukraine and about 29% of the volume of other suppliers.

It is noted that Naftogaz determines the price only for their customers. “Ask about the gas price August, and further costs from their suppliers (their name can be viewed in the payment”, — is spoken in the message.

The company reminded that the gas price will be formed depending on the market situation.

“Every supplier of gas to independently regulate the price of gas for customers, given the cost of the resource and competition with other suppliers”, — said the Director of gas distribution company Naftogaz of Ukraine Maxim Rabinovich.

However, the customers of Naftogaz have the opportunity to choose between several tariff packages. In particular, the tariff “Monthly”, according to which gas price is published at the beginning of each delivery month (in August the price of this rate is at 3.24 UAH / cubic m with VAT, without shipping costs).

Since mid-August will also be available rate “per Annum”, according to which the monthly gas price will be fixed at the level of 4.73 UAH / cubic meter (with VAT, without shipping costs (distribution).

In this regard, the company has published instructions on change of rates.