The Massachusetts lottery winner lost winning $4 million due to ignorance of English

Two women tricked a man from Massachusetts, in his words, giving him the money that he had won the lottery amounted to 4 million dollars, writes the New York Post.

В Массачусетсе победитель лотереи лишился выигрыша в $4 млн из-за незнания английского

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The Portuguese Joao Luis Daponte argues that women have deceived him and took away a huge sum, taking advantage of his inability to read or speak English.

Daponte filed a lawsuit against Maria Oliveira and Suzanne Gaspar, the Supreme court of Bristol, Massachusetts. All three residents of the city of new Bedford.

The records indicate that Daponte not read or speak English and that the ticket was written “$4MIL” that in Portuguese means $4000.

In the lawsuit Daponte claims his ticket cashed Oliveira. He suggests that earlier she did the same for other people in exchange for a percentage of your wins.

Daponte says Gaspar chose the option of lump-sum payment in the amount of $2.6 million before taxes, and that Oliveira had paid him (Daponte) $3800 to the form of winnings. The record shows that the remaining $1.6 million is still in escrow as long as the issue is resolved.

Oliveira said she “never cashed lottery tickets for someone else”, in accordance with a sworn affidavit in which she denies receiving a lottery ticket from Daponte and the fact of the transfer to him $3800.

Attorney Gaspar and Oliveira did not respond to a request for comment. Attorney Daponte and a representative of the lottery, declined to comment.

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