The mayor of Los Angeles asked trump to help cope with the influx of homeless

The mayor of Los Angeles appealed to the administration trump to officially provide Federal aid in connection with rising numbers of homeless people on the streets. The letter States that he and the Secretary of the Department of housing Ben Carson were negotiating on the issue, writes Reuters.

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In a letter to the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti to President Donald Trump, January 9, requested Federal assistance to “move our homeless neighbors into the shelter, to build permanent housing” and to provide homeless services.

“I appreciate that Secretary Carson turned to me,” said Garcetti in a two-page treatment.

“During our conversation, he expressed his willingness to work with cities across the country to accelerate our progress in addressing the emergency, investing in a strong, humane and long-term approaches that can help to remove people from the streets and save their lives,” wrote Garcetti.

Constructive tone contrasts sharply with the rhetoric trump on Twitter during previous visits to California, when he severely criticized officials of the growing crisis of homelessness.

During a visit to San Francisco and Los Angeles in September, trump said that the conditions, including garbage, excrement and syringes for subcutaneous injection, is left homeless, undermine the prestige of these cities.

Earlier this week, Carson has published two tweets, in which we discussed about the negotiations between the city and his office. They also mentioned Garcetti and Catherine Barger, Chairman of the office of the County of Los Angeles.

“The crisis of homelessness in California has long been an entrenched problem. On request @MayorOfLA & @kathrynbarger we look forward to the new partnership, which will benefit our citizens,” said Carson on Twitter.

According to Department of housing and urban development in California, about 130,000 people were left homeless is far more than any other state. California is the most populous state in the U.S., where there are about 39.6 million people.

In September, Carson rejected the requests from California to get more money from the trump to fight homelessness, blaming the state and local leaders for the crisis.

Say White house officials are preparing a plan to combat homelessness in Los Angeles and other major cities in California. Thursday, January 9, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom announced plans to create a Fund of 750 million dollars to help the homeless. He also instructed the state to immediately begin work on the installation of tents and trailers as emergency temporary housing.