The mayor of Quebec compares election night to the SuperBowl

Quebec mayor compares election night to SuperBowl


Democracy should not be taken for granted and elections should be a time to celebrate, believes Bruno Marchand.

If he refused to take party during the provincial election campaign, the mayor of Quebec insists on the importance of the day of the vote, in an op-ed published on Friday.

In his eyes, “elections should be a party”. 

“If we are able to bring our gang of friends for the SuperBowl, why not do it for the evening that will define the next four years,” he says.

“Take advantage of this day to see friends there, offer carpooling to go to the polling station, call your family to discuss politics and to remind you to go and vote. Pool the elections, the loser pays for the pizza,” he suggests.

Because on a more serious note, he reminds us that the right to vote has not always been universal in our society and that democracy continues to be lacking in many parts of the world.

“Perhaps we take too much for granted this privilege of living in a state that values ​​freedom of opinion and freedom to choose,” he recalls.

“On October 3, we have enormous power in our hands. Even more than in a Stanley Cup final, because this time, we have the power to influence the result! We would be crazy to do without it,” concludes the mayor.

Remember that the participation rate in Quebec general elections has been declining for several years. It was 66.45% in 2018, compared to 74.6% in 2012.

This year, Election Quebec has however noted record growth in advance voting. It is also in the region of Quebec where it was the highest.