The media circulated joint photos of Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel. Has the relationship of ex-partners improved?

What is the relationship of Kasia Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel today?

 The media shared photos of Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel. Did the relations of the former partners improve

As the “Pudelek” portal reminds, in March this year Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel announced that after 17 years spent together they decided to part ways. Although they assured that they would not comment on the matter for the sake of the children, the dancer decided to reveal the backstage of their separation, suggesting that he had been betrayed. This only added fuel to the fire and the relationship of the ex-partners grew even more tense. The couple's recent photos show that they are slowly returning to “normal”.

Unexpected breakup

Released by Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel caused a lot of confusion among the fans of the couple. Their supporters could not believe that the couple, who had been considered almost perfect for so many years, suddenly decides to separate. It was all the more surprising as they had shared photos on social media just a few days earlier.

Everyone wondered what was behind the separation of the couple. Marcin Hakiel shed a little more light on the matter, who in an interview with Aleksandra Kwaśniewska suggested that a third person appeared in their relationship. He admitted that his wife asked him for more freedom, who turned out to have a specific name.

 The media circulated joint photos of Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel. ex-partner relations improved

After this interview, the relationship between the spouses became even more tense. Recent photos, however, indicate that the former partners are slowly getting along.

Cichopek and Hakiel caught talking

Recently, when Katarzyna Cichopek threw herself into work, her still husband took their children on a trip to USA. After returning to the country, the longing actress went to her ex-husband's house to pick up her son and daughter.

In the photos (you can find them here) you can see how longing Katarzyna Cichopek greets the children and then exchanges a few words in with her “still” husband. Then she got into the car.

Do you think they will be able to maintain a friendly relationship in the future?