The media got the documents from Chinese prisons for Uighurs turned into a ‘camp for brainwashing’ (PHOTO)

В СМИ попали документы из китайских тюрем для уйгуров, превращенных в 'лагеря для промывки мозгов' (ФОТО)

The Chinese authorities are engaged in forced re-education of hundreds of thousands of Muslims prisoners in the prison camps in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region. It follows from the documents leaked to the International consortium of investigative journalists (ICIJ), the data which refers to the BBC Russian service.

In ICIJ got instructions to the commanders of the camps, signed by the Chinese party functionary, newsletters that circulate within the camps, and the verdict of the Chinese court in the case of the Uighurs, who received ten years in the camps for religious statements. Beijing insists that the camps are trained volunteers, but the documents referred to severe discipline, forced confinement and constant surveillance of prisoners. Beijing has not commented on the leak, the Chinese Ambassador to Britain called the documents were fabricated.

Investigators were able to detect evidence that the official version of Beijing about retraining in these camps potential extremists who take courses on their own, not true. The journalists came to the conclusion that the camp contains about a million were arrested without trial of prisoners, mainly representatives of ethnic Uighurs.

Among the documents, in particular, found nine pages of statements from the former Deputy Secretary of the district party branch Zhu Hylunia, who oversaw security in the Xinjiang-Uighur region. He orders not to allow any shoots to improve discipline and tougher to punish its violations, to gain acceptance and remorse, to pay special attention to remedial Chinese language courses to achieve a total transformation of students to ascertain the effectiveness of CCTV in the dormitories and classrooms and to eliminate “blind spots.”

From documents follows, that every aspect of a prisoner’s life is monitored and controlled: “the student must have their own bed, their place in the queue and the schoolroom and your machine for work – exchange places is strictly forbidden.” It is also recommended to “introduce disciplinary rules of lifting, roll, bathing, visiting the bathroom, chores, eating, studying, sleeping, or closing doors and things”.

Other documents allow us to see an unprecedented scale of arrests: in 2017, just a week into the camp sent 15 thousand people living in the South of the region. To determine the potential of camp prisoners used the mass surveillance system and the program for predicting the likelihood of offences on the basis of the personal data of the person. Thus, the object attention system began 1.8 million Uighurs who have used the app Zapya for file sharing. The system is recommended to look at 40 577 owners of this application and send to the camp all those who would cause the slightest suspicion. The documents contained instructions to hunt down Uighurs in other countries and arrest Uighurs with citizenship of other countries in China. They imply that these operations can be used the Chinese Embassy.

Director of China Human rights organization Human Rights Watch Sophie Richardson believes that these documents should be the basis for criminal case on gross violation of human rights, and prisoners should be recognized as the victims of at least psychological torture. Prisoners of the camps give points for obedience, success in studies and work, and the bright signs of ideological transformation. From that, how many points, depends if they make contact with the family and when they were released. The term liberation appears only after the four party Committee agree that the inmate is indeed internally transformed.

According to the instructions, to release only those prisoners who demonstrate that the changed values, language and faith, they are required “to achieve recognition of and remorse, a deep understanding of criminal, dangerous nature of their past actions”, and in case of resistance should be applied so-called remedial training. “It’s hard to call it otherwise as a form of mass brainwashing to a whole nation. It is a complete transformation, the goal of which is to destroy the Uighur Muslims of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region as a separate cultural community”, – said the adviser of the world Uyghur Congress and lawyer Ben Emmerson.