The media learned about the schemes of Centrenergo in the energy market

СМИ узнали о схемах Центрэнерго на энергорынке

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The opportunity to earn at the expense of other participants of the energy market Centrenergo received due to the rules approved by the National regulatory Commission of energy, the authors investigate

Centrenergo sells a large amount of electricity that is not going to produce, say the authors of the investigation.

The leadership of the state company Centrenergo in the work on the energy applies the schema prejudicial state company NAEK Energoatom. This was reported by radio Liberty with reference to the results of its investigation.

According to him, Centrenergo, which includes Tripoli, Zmeevsky and Uglegorskaya thermal power plant and sells through bilateral contracts and on the market “day ahead” a large amount of electricity, which is not going to produce.

Guaranteed to find a buyer for this amount, the company sets a low price, sometimes below the cost of production of electricity.

This allows Centrenergo to sell all declared volume, covering a large part of the demand from consumers.

In the result, Energoatom and the state enterprise Guaranteed buyer can’t sell on the market “for days forward” the whole amount of electricity which, unlike Centrenergo will be made for the amount claimed.

When it comes to the supply of electricity, the state-owned NEK Ukrenergo, the operator of the market on the basis of operational data sees risk of large future imbalances.

But to stop the nuclear reactors Energoatom online impossible, unlike thermal power stations Centrenergo, the authors of the investigation.

To avoid imbalance of the market and prevent the negative consequences associated with energy security, Ukrenergo asks Centrenergo not to produce the previously reported amounts of electricity.

Centrenergo agrees to do so, but instead requires that it be allowed to buy electricity at a discount for already signed contracts.

Ukrenergo is forced to agree and sells Centrenergo necessary volume discount, buying electricity from Energoatom and a Guaranteed buyer.

“Therefore, Centrenergo, actually doing nothing, gets electricity for sale almost half cheaper than the market price, and Energoatom, which spent money on production, forced to sell their electricity at a discount” — explain the authors of the investigation.

This possibility is spelled out in the rules of the energy market, approved by the National regulatory Commission of energy and utilities. To Jun laid down in the rules of the discount was almost 50%, in June it was reduced to 20%.

The scope of possible transactions with parties Centrenergo of billions of hryvnia, according to the materials of the investigation. According to the financial and economic activities of Centrenergo, which journalists received from sources in the tax, the company started to earn in this diagram, starting from the end of 2019.

We will remind, earlier the Chairman of the state property Fund Dmytro Sennichenko said that the net loss of state-owned companies PJSC Centrenergo at the end of 2019 is estimated to exceed two billion.