The media reported the discovery of a Russian submarine off the coast of Israel (PHOTO)

СМИ сообщили об обнаружении российской подлодки у побережья Израиля (ФОТО)

Missile Corvette of the Israeli Navy detected a Russian submarine deep into the territorial waters of Israel is 8 nautical miles from the coast of gush Dan, the largest Metropolitan area in the country, including the district of tel Aviv. The incident occurred three months ago, but became aware of it only now.

According to Ynet, after the discovery of the submarine command, the Navy of the Israel defense forces (IDF) immediately contacted the Russian military command, using the coordination mechanism, similar to that which is available between the Israeli and Russian air forces.

Shortly thereafter, the submarine left the territorial waters of Israel in the West. In the IDF, noted that “from time to time” discover “crafts, which can be identified as belonging to foreign armed forces.” The Israel defense forces has not said whether there was caused any damage to security of the country, and how much time the Russian submarine was close to the Israeli coast.

The Portal Avia.Pro, referring to the same material Ynet, reports that the submarine was equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”, but the source does not say this. The publication also notes that during the same period, the area actually observed a large concentration of Israeli military vehicles.

Ynet says that the presence of a Russian submarine in the territorial waters of Israel, could have far-reaching implications against the background of attempts of Moscow to actively intervene in the situation in the region in connection with the war in Syria. In the past, similar incidents were reported between Israeli and Russian vessels in the Mediterranean sea. However, they occurred far from shore in international waters and ended with the negotiations at the level of command ships. In one case, a Corvette of naval forces of the IDF had approached to a distance of several hundred meters to avanessa Russian heavy cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”.

NEWSru Israel notes that in August the Navy of the Russian Federation conducted large-scale exercises “Ocean shield – 2019”, part of which took place in the Eastern Mediterranean. Since 2013 the region has a permanent operative connection of the Navy in the Mediterranean sea. The base compound consists of missile, anti-submarine, amphibious ships, diesel and nuclear submarines. In 2016 the compound obtained permanent residence in the Syrian port of Tartus.