The medic told about the consequences of the frequent use of alcohol

What organs are affected from alcohol first? First of all — the brain. It is considered that alcohol is bad for intellectual ability, but not only. The death of brain cells leads to the formation of depressive States.

Медик рассказали о последствиях частого употребления алкоголя

Why is alcohol there is a depression?

Under the influence of alcohol, the brain cells begin to gradually die off. This leads to inhibition of intellectual functions. The transmission of impulses between nerve endings slowing down, which leads to changes in behavior, and the inhibition of mental functions. First, it affects the mood, you receive the apathy that is again trying to suppress alcohol because of the desire to experience the same euphoria.

In addition, there is a restructuring of the hormonal system, there are problems with the production of serotonin that in a few years leads to chronic depression, caused by irreversible damage to brain cells.