The medic warned about the dangers of bananas

Doctor Gregory Konev said that a banana is a healthy fruit, rich in vitamins, but there are still categories of people who shouldn’t overuse this product.

Медик предупредил об опасности бананов

First and foremost, this applies to diabetics. In addition, people with thrombophlebitis or having increased blood viscosity doctors also suggest to be careful.

In children two to three years, and sometimes older, eating a banana may provoke bloating, diarrhoea, the doctor said.

— In addition, banana is high in vitamin K. And if in the child’s body there its excess, it may lead to the development of hemolytic anemias (accelerated destruction of red blood cells) and jaundice — said Konev.

The harm that can cause the bananas depend on the method of their storage and transportation. These fruits, as a rule, imported into our country green, and reach maturity they have to local stores. To do this, they fumigate with ethylene.

And then the bananas are treated with chemicals E230, Е231 and Е232 containing phenol to increase the shelf life.

For a human organism, phenol is extremely poisonous, even his minor ingestion may provoke the development of cancer. So, before you start to clean up the banana, it must be properly cleaned.