The migration policy Institute: the rule about ‘public nuisance’ will affect only a small part of immigrants

According to the analysis, held on Thursday, March 5, only a small fraction of potential immigrants will be affected by the new rule about “public burden”, which is constantly exposed to furious criticism from activists for the rights of immigrants, reports The Washington Times.

Институт миграционной политики: правило об 'общественной обузе' затронет лишь малую часть иммигрантов

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In accordance with this rule, the Service of citizenship and immigration is now the United States may refuse to issue a green card indicating permanent legal residency status in the US, if they find out that people used or could use in the future social benefits under such programs as Medicaid or food stamps, or assistance in obtaining housing.

But at the analytical center of the Institute of migration policy (Migration Policy Institute, MPI) claim that a relatively small number of potential immigrants has the right to participate in such programs. So probably few people will be affected by the new rule.

According to the calculations of MPI from this can suffer no more than 167 000 people from 22.1 million of those who are not US citizens.

MPI also reports that some migrants do not use the programs, even though they have a right to them, for fear of the impact of the new rules.

“For government agencies and non-governmental organizations dealing with migrants, important information for the best explanation of the new rules and who can and who cannot be raised”, — reported the representatives of MPI.

167 000 people identified by the MPI is subject to very restricted categories. Haitians, who are on probation in the United States, have access to some Federal programs, like some people who received legal status under the Amnesty of 1986. Also, the new rule will be affected by immigrants in some States, which are cash benefits, financed from the state budget.

In MPI said that the actual number affected by the new rule about “public burden” is likely to be even lower than 167 000 people, as is likely, some immigrants considered it a few times.

Many of those who fall under this rule, lived in the US for decades without asking for a green card, assuming that they still do not get it.

Critics of trump called rule about “public burden” in different ways: cruel, even racist, causing fear even among those people who does not risk to be affected.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • The US President Donald trump has signed a decree, which forbade the admission into the country of immigrants, unable to pay the cost of their health care. Immigrants when entering the country must have the necessary funding or guarantee that you will acquire medical insurance no later than 30 days from the date of arrival in the United States.
  • The administration of Donald trump in the framework of the policy of fight against illegal immigration wants to deny immigrants in green cards, if they receive social security benefits and tax credits. The current rules affect migrant receiving cash benefits.
  • Service citizenship and immigration, the U.S. has published a revised and updated form, the relevant final rule about the inadmissibility of “public burden”.
  • Who the rule about “public burden” block the path to a green card.

The main thing you need to know immigrant about the new rule, read in our material.




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