The Minister of education for Ontario has made petropseudes offer (PHOTO)

Министр образования Онтарио сделал педпрофсоюзам предложение    (ФОТО)

On Monday education Minister Steven Lecce called the main petrofsky Ontario to appeal to the mediation procedure.

Lecce said that at the negotiating table differences remain on key issues including wages, and the presence of an independent third party will help to reach an agreement. Lecce is suggested to use this option once accused the unions of escalating labor conflict.

“I think that when you communicate with the families [of the students], they are unlikely to say that the escalation today or in the past few weeks, significantly increasing every week, without exception, helps the understanding of the parties at the negotiating table”, – he said.

“My interest is to reach profitable agreements for children, in order not to disrupt the educational process… Sure I’m not the only one here who understands that the path for the development of the situation chose some unions. It is easy to understand. But if we know that is what they decided, how can I stop this?”

Teachers of Catholic schools of Ontario said on Monday that they have filed a request for resolution of disagreements in their negotiations, which is one of the steps in the procedure for obtaining the legal grounds to strike.

The statement of the Association of teachers of English Catholic schools in Ontario says that the government does not want to abandon the imposed austerity measures and demonstrates “a complete lack of understanding or respect for the negotiating process.”

“The members of the Board of the Council for Catholic maintained schools sat down at the negotiating table, stands ready to work constructively, but government representatives act in a totally chaotic,” wrote President Liz Stuart.

“Since I started this round of negotiations, the government is doing everything possible to disrupt the process. They were making comments through the media that were prejudicial to negotiations, has imposed rules and laws that violate our rights to collective bargaining, and played games with the public, to confuse everyone and shift the blame”.

Negotiations between the province and petropseudes began in arduous conditions a few months ago on the background of such steps of the government, as the increase in the number of classes, and recently adopted a law limiting the increase in wages for all public sector workers to 1% a year for three years, more angry teachers.

Three of the four major petropseudes Ontario work out the procedure for obtaining the right to strike, continuing to negotiate with the government about new contracts.

The Federation of secondary school teachers of Ontario had to make public the results of their strike vote on Monday afternoon and promised to talk about “next steps”.

This petrovskys already has all the grounds for the commencement of the strike, and at the moment he has to make a public notice five days before the strike.

Elementary school teachers are going to start a campaign of “work-strictly-by-the-book” on November 26. They stated that the campaign will focus on the failure of the administrative tasks of the Ministry and the school Board and will not affect the educational process.

Negotiations between the province and teachers in French schools continues.