The Minister of energy and environmental protection announced the reduction in gas prices

The Minister of energy and environmental protection Alexey Orzhel answered the main question on tariffs for gas during the hour of questions to the Government in the Verkhovna Rada.

Министр энергетики и защиты окружающей среды заявил о снижении цены на газ

About it the correspondent of the publication #of Letters, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

The Minister noted that for the year from January to January, the price of gas fell by a quarter.

“If we talk about how we managed to solve the issue with the price of gas. Indeed, it was a big risk that we will not be able to sign a contract for the transportation through the territory of Ukraine gas to Europe. As a result, came out. This allowed us to reduce the price of gas for our consumers in the ratio of January to January by 25%, ” says Oriel.

Speaking about the formation of tariffs for gas, the Minister said that the acute need for investment in infrastructure and energy projects.

“We need to be honest that there are other factors that affect the final rate. There is a need of investments in infrastructure, energy infrastructure, there is a significant depreciation of fixed assets. But we still maximally balancing the situation, invested in the renewal of fixed assets and infrastructure,” said Oriel.

Commenting on the tariffs for electric energy, Orgel stated that “the weighted average rate for the period of work of the Government reduced by 26 %”.

“Speaking on the results, and it is now February, we have provided stable passing of a heating season”, – said the Minister.