The Minister of the Navy sent in resignation from-for disagreement with trump about the fate of posing with the corpse of a marine (PHOTO)

Министр ВМС США отправлен в отставку из-за несогласия с Трампом о судьбе позировавшего с трупом пехотинца (ФОТО)

The Secretary of defense mark Esper was asked to resign by the Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer in connection with loss of trust because of the case of a marine posing for a photo next to the corpse of a prisoner of action. As writes Washington Post, Esper asked for the resignation of Spencer after he learned that the Minister secretly offered the staff of the White house not to intervene in the case against the military, guaranteeing the departure of the commando retaining the title.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman stated that this proposal was kept secret from the head of the military Department, despite numerous conversations between the Esper and Spencer about the case of marine.

In 2017 commando Edward Gallagher was killed in Iraq a wounded jihadist and then took a picture next to his corpse. He was also charged with attempted murder, as opened fire on the unarmed man and the girl. The statement in Gallagher was filed by the soldiers who served under his command. He denied the allegations, and his defense has accused subordinates of a Navy seal the fact that they blackened their commander because of disagreement with the style of his leadership.

The case of Gallagher in the United States caused a wide resonance. The jury of the military Tribunal found him guilty only posing for a photo next to the corpse of a prisoner. For all other items, including the shooting of civilians in Iraq, Gallagher was acquitted, but was demoted and deprived of part of the payments.

The Navy then stated that will solve the issue of termination of grunt at the special Commission. The President of the United States Donald trump stood up for Gallagher and wrote on Twitter that the Navy can not exclude him from the unit. In response, Minister Spencer stated that no tweets can be considered as official orders.

AR referring to the official representative of the Pentagon reported that Spencer had filed his resignation on November 24. In his letter, the Minister noted that “more is not shared with the commander in chief understanding of the key principles of order and discipline” in the army. Trump thanked Spacer for “service and dedication”, adding that he “peacefully retire with all the honors that he deserves.” For the post of Secretary of the U.S. Navy, will be appointed Ambassador to Norway Ken Braithwaite, “a man of great achievements and success.”