The Ministry explained the refusal to issue Eurobonds

Минфин объяснил отказ от выпуска евробондов

Photo: Finance Ministry

Resin couldn’t choose a worst moment to retire, says Marchenko

Ukraine has placed a Eurobond loans worth $ 1.7 billion, but due to the resignation Smoliy was forced to withdraw from the transaction.

The Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko confirmed that Ukraine refused to issue Eurobonds because of the statement of the head Nabanyama Smolyan resignation.

At a briefing on Thursday, July 2, he said that on the eve of Ukraine successfully placed Eurobond loans worth $ 1.7 billion with a record yield of 7.3% and maturing in 2033.

“As soon as we have completed the release, we learned of the news that we are, to put it mildly, alarmed. The resignation of the head of the NBU. Perhaps even shocked. Therefore was the night-long negotiations with our legal advisors. Because this event in the world of international Finance is quite substantial. So this morning the decision was made to stop this issue,” — said the Minister.

According to him, although investors approved of the decision, but “worst time” for such Declaration could not be. “The statements and the format was quite unexpected for us”, — said Marchenko.

However, he believes that the resignation Smoliy should not affect nakurs of the hryvnia. “I believe that appropriate decisions are made and soon everything will calm down”, — he commented on the sharp rise of the dollar.

In addition, he assessed the situation in the economy as a whole in terms of coronaries. “To say that we have the economy all is well and we are already out of the crisis, we can’t,” he said.

But, according to the Minister, there are certain factors of economic recovery.

Note Verkhovnarada may consider the statement Smilesaver. Votes for the resignation of the head of the NBU enough, say the MPs.