The Ministry of energy told about the “debt crisis” in Ukraine

In 3 months the population of Ukraine has accumulated a “huge” debts to suppliers of electric energy — 4.7 billion hryvnias.

В Министерстве энергетики рассказали о «кризисе неплатежей» в Украине

About it said acting head of the Department of energy and environmental protection Olga Bukovec during an online-conference, the recording of which published on Youtube.

She noted that the economic crisis in Ukraine impact on the energy sector. According to her, there is now a “payments crisis”.

Busevec reported that of 5 billion UAH. debt electricity providers 4,7 lies on the country’s population. In her opinion, the solution to the government’s failure to turn off consumers for late payment of the money for the light during the quarantine, the population was seen as an opportunity not to pay.

According to the acting Minister, “people don’t understand” that the lighting in the houses provide energy, which you need to pay salaries and utilities, you must pay taxes.

Busevec believes that it is necessary “to reach people with the message of” in order that they understand the responsibility and pay for the electricity.

“You have to pay for the resource, because complete darkness is worse than the pandemic,” she said.