The Ministry of Finance estimated the size of the “hole” of the budget for six months

Минфин оценил размер «дыры» бюджета за полгода

Photo: NBU

The budget deficit has been reduced borrowings and profit of Naftogaz and the NBU

In six months the deficit of the General Fund of the state budget of Ukraine amounted to almost 28 billion.

In the first half of the current gadagebulia reduced to a deficit of 16.7 billion UAH, including General Fund deficit — UAH 27.9 billion, according to the Ministry of Finance.

So, in June in the General Fund budget received UAH 112.9 billion (of 105.4% of the painting).

Income tax service amounted to 89.1 billion. Main part in the amount of 62.4 billion UAH are dividends part of net profit paid to the budget by state-owned companies (national Bank of Ukraine and Naftogaz — ed.). In General, the implementation in June amounted to 107.7%, or 6.4 billion UAH more painting.

The Ministry noted that the receipts of customs duties amounted to 21.7 billion UAH, or 100% of the monthly paintings.

In General, for the six months painting the revenues of the General Fund budget performed by 92.1%.

It is noted that the social spending, defense spending, debt service and subsidies to local budgets fully funded according to the painting on the basis of payment orders. For example, spending on the General Fund of the state budget for this period was 479,6 billion, or 90.4 percent from paintings of the reporting period.

Note, to reduce the budget deficit was managed through transfers of the national Bank and Naftogaz.