The Ministry of Finance operates in the normal mode of operation

May 19, at the auctions of government bonds the Ministry of Finance successfully issued in the national currency denominated t-bills with maturities 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year, and government bonds in dollars with a maturity of 7 months.

Министерство Финансов вышло в нормальный режим работы

In General, the Ministry of Finance brought in a budget of 21.2 billion hryvnia.

About it reports a press-Department service.

Due to increased demand from investors, which amounted to over 28 billion in hryvnia equivalent, the weighted average rate on 3-month instruments fell by 76 b.p. to 10.5%, on a 6-month 50 b.p. 10.78%.

Also recovering demand for instruments with longer maturities.

Investors bought 9 – month and 12-month t-bills at the weighted average rates 11% 10,97%, respectively.The Finance Ministry also posted a 7-month t-bills denominated in U.S. dollars weighted average rate of 3.39% in the amount of 369 million dollars.

“The Ministry of Finance operates in the normal mode of operation. Today attracted 369 million dollars in OVDP and almost 10 billion hryvnia. The Bulk of the hryvnia went for 9 months and a year. This is a normal non-crisis mode of operation and rates fall. 11% and below.
Several currency auctions and you should not worry about payments this year. Especially in the domestic market loans in dollars is extremely cheap,” said economic expert of the Ukrainian Institute of the future Daniel Monin.