The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland called the ‘tiring’ the teachings of the President of France about the greenhouse gas emissions (PHOTO)

Teachings of the President of France Emmanuel Makron Poland become “tedious”. This was stated on Monday, the Polish press Agency Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Shimon Cross vel Senko, commenting on the words of the French leader that Warsaw is blocking the efforts of the EU in the field of climate protection.

“I hope the President Makron aware of how much Poland has already made in the sphere of the desire to reduce carbon emissions in this region and in other to avoid teachings which in his case become tedious,” – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of Poland. It is quoted by TASS.

The Polish diplomat also hinted that Warsaw could participate in the destabilization of the political situation in France, but will not do it. “We’re not going to recommend any protesting groups to visit France, because there is already enough protesters. However, we wish our partners in the EU, they effectively reached the objectives contained in the Kyoto Protocol,” added Cross vel Senko.

Previously, Emmanuel macron, speaking to reporters aboard the plane on the way to new York, accused Poland of blocking a European solution to limit greenhouse gas emissions. He also asked the activists of environmental organizations instead of France to go with the demonstrations in Poland.

The European Union has been working on a new strategy in the field of climate protection, trying to formulate the goals regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. At the EU summit in late June was discussed and 2050 as the date by which the European economy should be neutral from the point of view of CO2 emissions, that is, to consume them exactly the same as producing. At the same time the countries of the Visegrad group (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) together with Estonia blocked the adoption of the decision on consolidation in the outcome documents of 2050 as the date for the arrival of the economy of the community towards carbon neutrality.