The Ministry of health has banned the President of Dynamo Kyiv to visit the matches of the Ukrainian Premier League

Минздрав запретил президенту "Динамо" посещать матчи Украинской Премьер-лиги

Igor and Grigoriy Surkis

The Ministry of health of Ukraine confirmed the possibility of the resumption of the Ukrainian Premier League from may 30.

However, the Ministry has put a number of restrictions.

In particular, in the seventh paragraph of the resolution says that the stadium can be no more than 200 people from 18 to 60 years.

Thus, this means a direct ban on visiting stadiums, in particular, the President “Dynamo” Igor Surkis (’61) and his brother Gregory (70 years).

We add that the head coach of Donetsk “Shakhtar” Luis Castro and “Dynamo” Alexei Mikhailichenko will not get any such restrictions – the Portuguese is 59 a year, and Ukrainian – 58th.

Note that coaches, players and referees are not allowed to wear protective masks in the stadium. Everything should be distance not more than one person per 10 sq. m. have mercy.

In addition, the Ministry of health has banned the traditional output of the commands when accompanying children to the match and a handshake.