The Ministry of public health of Toronto has launched a campaign to draw attention to vaccination (PHOTO)

Министерство общественного здравоохранения Торонто запустило кампанию по привлечению внимания к вакцинации (ФОТО)

The Ministry of public health of Toronto launched an advertising campaign with the participation of children to bring attention to the need for vaccination.

The new campaign is a collection of video clips from children that describe what is vaccination and why is it important.

“The Ministry is focusing this campaign on the opinion of children on vaccines, their safety and how vaccination helps keep them, their friends and their families, health”, – reported in a press release, the mayor’s office.

According to a survey by the Ministry, the movement of antiprivacy is a growing problem.

The Ministry is trying to increase awareness about the fact that immunization “provides a safe form of protection from infections, which have serious consequences and even death.”

The campaign is called “The Kids Talk Vaccines”, it includes videos on YouTube and social networks, posters in TTC vehicles, libraries and community centers.

“We’re trying to simplify a very clear message that vaccines work,” said city Council member Joe cressey.

According to the Ministry, 94% of children aged 7 to 17 years in Toronto did their immunizations against measles, mumps and rubella in the 2018-2019 school year, while 1.7 percent refuse for philosophical or religious reasons.

And given that vaccination is not 100% of the population, the overall efficiency depends on “herd immunity” – the chance that a certain disease will not spread, because most of the immune system.