The Ministry of social policy promises to pay on time the pensions and benefits for communal

The Minister of social policy Marina Lazebnaya says that despite the pandemic of mers retirees will receive social payment on time, and the benefits for utilities will be reviewed.

В Минсоцполитики обещают вовремя выплачивать пенсии и льготы на коммуналку

She stated on a talk show “Right to rule”.

The Minister urged retirees not to panic, because the payments will be made in full. She also noted that the government is considering a temporary repeal of utility bills for the population.

“We are now working to increase social standards for which our subsidiary and pay beneficiaries,” said Lazebnaya.

According to her, the solution is prepared by the Ministry of economy, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of justice.

She explained that the decision is already made on payment of one thousand hryvnias to pensioners, whose pensions are less than 5 thousand hryvnias. Also addresses the issue of co-payments socially unprotected citizens.

“We understand perfectly well that people are staying home and they’ll be even harder to pay (utilities, – ed.) if the subsidies will not cover their costs. Once this decision is taken at the Cabinet meeting, I immediately go out there and tell people about it,” said the Minister.

From may 1 it is planned indexation of pensions for all other retirees.