The Ministry of social policy will change the timing of the monetization of subsidies

Ukraine wants to allow the beneficiaries to move in the form of cash receipt of grants during the heating season and not be limited to a date prior to October 15, as it was before.

Минсоцполитики изменит сроки монетизации субсидий

Such changes will initiate the Ministry of social policy.

“Now this decision is approved by Cabinet, to January 1, 2020 those who wants to switch to cash subsidies, he could do it at any time. For maximum dissemination of information on the website of the Ministry of social policy, we will post a road map of the process and distributed in all regional departments of social protection, so that each beneficiary could take a comfortable decision for themselves,” — said the Deputy Minister of social policy Vitaly muzichenko.

It should be noted at the beginning of this year on housing subsidies provided by the budget of 55.1 billion. After transfers in may the amount was reduced to 47.5 billion. In the Ministry assert that the new Deposit is fully covers the needs of beneficiaries. However, only 6 per cent of applicants refused the grant. All filed statements from may 2019 nearly 1 million 300 people.