The Ministry plans to pass at the discretion of the four benefits

Ukrainians told, who can lose benefits after the initiative of the Ministry of social policy.

Минсоцполитики планирует передать на места на усмотрение сразу четыре льготы

As reported Hvilya, writes about this Today.

It is noted that the Department offered to transfer the partial mandate to provide benefits to vulnerable categories in place.

Leaving the bill on the places I want to convey the benefits of the installation and payment of fixed telephone and the provision of the right to free travel.

The new document also stipulates that the travel benefits will be given “on the basis of the relevant decisions of local authorities and are paid in accordance of their order and size”. In this case what will be the decision of the local authorities (preservation of benefits or to abandon them), will depend on capacity of local budget.

In addition, the bill provides for the granting of benefits in monetary terms. Thus, local beneficiaries can pay some amount, but the public transport they will have to pay on a common basis.

Besides, the Ministry plans to pass at the discretion of the four benefits, namely:

  • free travel on all urban and suburban transport on the territory of Ukraine, or within the boundaries of the administrative district (depending on the preferential category);
  • free or 50% travel constantly, once a year or every two years (depending on the preferential category) to any point of Ukraine and back by road or by air, rail or water transport;
  • in the period from 1 October to 15 may discount of 50% from fares on domestic routes by air, rail, river and road transport.
  • The right to priority, or priority to purchase tickets.

While the bill says that due to initiatives Minsotspolitiki partially or no benefits can be plenty of categories of beneficiaries, because the final decision will be to make local authorities:

  • disabled “Chernobyl” of the 1st and 2nd categories;
  • children- “Chernobyl” with a disability;
  • persons with disabilities of I and II groups, children with disabilities and persons accompanying disabled persons of group I and children with disabilities;
  • large families; rehabilitated victims of repressions;
  • persons with disabilities, which they received during the military service;
  • the soldiers, who are persons with disabilities as a result of hostilities, combatants and persons equated with them and the parents of soldiers killed, died or missing during the military service;
  • veterans of military service, veterans of internal Affairs agencies, veterans of the national police, veterans of the tax police, veterans of state fire Department, veterans of the State criminal-Executive service of Ukraine, veterans of service of civil protection, veterans of state service of special communication and information protection of Ukraine;
  • former prisoners of concentration camps, ghetto, other places of forced retention, created by Nazi Germany and its allies during the Second world war, as well as children born in the specified places of compulsory containment of their parents;
  • spouses of dead victims of the Nazi prosecutions recognized during lifetime by persons with disabilities who have not entered into marriage again;

It is noted that the innovations discussed, and soon the Ministry can pass the controversial law on the approval of the Parliament.