The miracle drink that will melt extra strong

Чудо напиток который растопит лишние киллограммы

Minus 8.5 kg per week!

If You want to lose weight — useful to take cabbage juice.

Cabbage juice improves digestion, metabolism, removes toxins, prevents the conversion of “simple” carbs to fats, and also binds and removes from the body has settled on the walls of the intestines the fats. Regular consumption of cabbage juice and cabbage is indispensable for weight loss.

How to prepare cabbage juice for weight loss?

Select a juicy variety of cabbage from which you can easily squeeze the juice — cabbage, red, Savoy or NAPA cabbage.

Rinse the cabbage and cut into small pieces and squeeze the juice through the juicer. Or shred cabbage, place it in cheesecloth and carefully squeeze the juice.

For starters, drink 1/4 Cup, to see how your body responds to it. Possible bloating or gastrointestinal colic. If your body responds well on cabbage juice, you can gradually increase the amount. Always prepare a new batch of juice to store cabbage juice impossible!

If desired, the cabbage juice you can add spices, chopped herbs or a bit of Cayenne pepper, so you will make the taste more interesting and enjoyable.

To drink the juice before or after meals or as a meal replacement or as a healthy drink throughout the diet period. Depending on how much You want to lose weight, use cabbage juice can last from several days to several months. Cabbage juice contains low calories and practically fat-free, it will help to feel satiety before and after meals and between meals, without filling the stomach, and for one, to help avoid cravings for sweet or salty foods.

Eat 1/4 Cup of cabbage juice from 1 to 6 times/day, depending on how your body reacts to it.