The mission of the OSCE: parliamentary elections in Belarus did not meet democratic standards (PHOTO)

Elections to the lower house of the Parliament of Belarus did not meet democratic standards, said the head of the OSCE observation mission Margareta Zederfeldt.

“The elections did not meet key international standards for democratic elections,” said Nederpelt.
The head of the observation mission stressed that “significant shortcomings during the counting of votes, questioned the objectivity of the counting of votes and announcement of results”, reports TASS.

As noted Nederpelt, the regulatory framework did not meet international standards and regulations, “stressing the need for a comprehensive reform of electoral legislation”.
Nederpelt also stated that “the failure of protective mechanisms on election day and during early voting had a negative impact on the objectivity of the electoral process.”

Elections to the lower house of the Parliament of Belarus were held on Sunday in all districts – thus elected all 110 members of the legislature. For a seat in Parliament claimed 513 candidates from 560 originally was.

Voter turnout in the elections has made 77,22%, exceeding the 3% turnout in the parliamentary campaign of 2016. None of the representatives of the opposition in the new Parliament has not passed.