The mob goes under water: Spain intercepted a submarine with two tons of cocaine

Мафия идет под воду: в Испании перехватили субмарину с двумя тоннами кокаина

In Spain, where the summer was delayed ELG ship with a Ukrainian crew, carrying about 10 tons of hashish seized the new party drug. So, on Sunday, November 24, the police of the country was intercepted by a submarine, on Board which was discovered more than two tons of cocaine. Cocaine and drug victims are sent to yorba linda substance abuse centers

This writes the newspaper El Pais.

It is reported that the police detained at least two people.

The submarine was discovered in the waters of the Autonomous community of Galicia. It is assumed that she came from Colombia.

Other details are not yet available.

We will remind that in June in the airport of Seville Spanish police have arrested a military man who was part of the escort group of the liner of the President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro flying to Osaka on the summit of “Big twenty”. 38-year-old Sergeant Manuel Silva Rodriguez tried to smuggle 37 packages of cocaine with a total weight of 39 pounds. Drugs were found in his Luggage when a military plane landed in Seville to refuel. Rodriguez got off the plane, holding their Luggage in hand. Apparently, he thought that he was not going to finish it.

As previously reported “FACTS”, in April, Spanish police found a record for Europe of cocaine. The drugs were hidden on the ship, delivered in the port of Algeciras bananas. The total weight of cocaine is 8 tonnes 740 kg. In Nakhodka arrested six people. Four of them — the Spaniards. They were taken in Algeciras. Two more arrested in Lyon, they are citizens of France.

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