The mortality rate is higher than that of coronavirus: the flu season in the United States died 20 thousand people

In Centers for control and disease prevention in USA (CDC) stated that this season the 34 million people fell ill with flu, and about 20,000 died. This writes Fox News.

Смертность выше, чем от коронавируса: за сезон гриппа в США умерло 20 тысяч человек

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Of those who had died as of February 29, 136 were children.

The centers for control and disease prevention reported that rates of hospitalization among young children was the highest for the entire observation history, surpassing the rates recorded during the 2009 pandemic.

About 350,000 people were hospitalized.

The CDC said that flu vaccine this year proved to be very effective.

“Almost all (> 99%) of influenza viruses tested this season, susceptible to the four FDA-approved antiviral drugs against influenza, recommended for use in the United States this season,” — said in a statement.