‘The mosquito – killers’ seized the U.S.: how to protect yourself

In the United States was already more than a dozen cases of infection with the virus of Eastern encephalomyelitis of horses EEE. Carriers of this dangerous infection, which has led to the two deaths, are mosquitoes.

'Комары- убийцы' захватывают США: как защитить себя

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According to BBC, Eastern equine encephalitis, a rare but very serious disease that can cause significant harm to livestock, and in the case of human infection leads to irreversible damage in the brain,sometimes personality changes, and often to death.

The EEE virus is incurable, however, in the case of early diagnosis, until he penetrated into the brain, successful treatment is possible.

A third of those infected usually die a few weeks after infection, or after a few years because of brain damage or other physiological factors.

Most often, mosquitoes carrying the virus can be found in the North-Eastern States in the marshy and wooded areas during the period from late spring to early autumn, but they occur also in winter in the southern States.

This year the number of human infections with the virus of EEE has already significantly exceeded the average performance.

Here are the statistics for the States today:

  • In Massachusetts, where in early August marked the first this year in the U.S. case, has infected 7 people, one woman died, five year old girl remains in critical condition
  • At least 3 people got sick in Michigan, one case with a fatal outcome. Under suspicion were still 4 people, but in their case, the diagnosis was not confirmed
  • New Jersey recorded a single case of infection among humans and among animals. The infected horses had to be put down
  • About one infected with the virus of EEE reported from Rhode island
  • In Indiana, cases of infected horses
  • In Ohio and Maine the virus of EEE has also caused a disease of horses
  • In the state of new York, the virus has infected one horse. Infection found in two mosquito swamps near the city of Syracuse.

The last case of human infection with Eastern equine encephalitis recorded in 2011.

How to protect yourself from the virus?

From EEE virus no one is immune, but the risk of being bitten by a “mosquito-killer” is very high for people who work outdoors. heavier than all the disease carried by children and the elderly.

The best way to protect against bites is to use strong sprays-repellents, wear long trousers and long-sleeved tops.

Doctors also recommended to fight the spread of mosquitoes. For this purpose it is desirable not to allow near the house, there was stagnant water in gutters, barrels, tanks for waste, or even flower pots.

It is also helpful curtain window and door openings with mosquito nets and check that it does not have any holes.