The most active serial killer in U.S. history: the FBI has revealed details of the crimes

The FBI said that Samuel little, who confessed to more than 90 murders in the past 35 years, is the most productive serial killer in U.S. history. While analysts confirmed 50 murders little, but the FBI say that most likely all the murders in which the defendant confessed, he did. This writes Fox News.

Самый активный серийный убийца в истории США: ФБР раскрыло подробности преступлений

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79-year-old little confessed that he killed 93 people, mostly women, throughout the country between 1970 and 2005. The FBI said that law enforcement was able to confirm 50 of those murders, and several more awaiting final confirmation. The Agency stated that it believes that all 93 of truthful recognition, and investigators across the country are working to piece together the information you have provided little, as well as cases with unidentified remains and unsolved murders of the past decades.

“For many years Samuel little believed that he wouldn’t get caught, because he thought that no one is investigating those cases, said crime analyst Christy Palazzolo. — Despite the fact that he is already in prison, the FBI believes that it is important to achieve justice for each victim”.

The little number of victims exceeds the number of victims of Ted Bundy, who confessed to 30 murders between 1974 and 1978, and the number of murders of John Wayne Gacy, who murdered at least 33 boys in the 1970-ies.

The program for the investigation of violent crimes to the FBI (ViCAP) beginning to link unsolved cases with little about five years ago. Also little was interviewed, prompting it to give explicit recognition to the camera, describing how he hunted mainly on women who were prostitutes or lived on the fringes of society.

DNA samples linked him to the three unsolved murders Dating back to 1980. In 2014, he was sentenced to three terms without parole.

The FBI provided 30 color portraits, mostly black women, which drew a little at the memory, remembering how he killed each of them. In one of several interviews little told about how he strangled a woman in 1993 and rolled down her body on the slope of a deserted road.

In another video he described the victim in New Orleans. “She was beautiful. Bright, honey-brown skin, he said with a slight smile. — She was tall for a woman. With beautiful shape and friendly”.

It was 1982, they met at the club. The woman got into his car then they parked by the Bay. Little recalled: “It’s the only one I drowned”.

In August, little confessed to killing four women in Ohio. He was convicted in California for three murders in 2013 and confessed to another murder in 2018 in Texas. The FBI also provided new and detailed information about five cases in Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Nevada and Louisiana and asked the public to help identify victims.

Government Knox County (Tennessee) stated that a woman named Marta Cunningham, probably, became a victim of little. Investigator for criminal cases in the Sheriff’s office Knox County identified the victim, which little called “Martha”. The body was found in 1975, in a wooded area in the Eastern part of Knox County.

Cunningham’s body was discovered by hunters in the afternoon of 18 January 1975. She was bruised and naked from the waist down; her tights and the belt wrapped around his knees. Purse and some jewelry the victim was missing. According to the authorities, her body seemed to be dragged into the woods and abandoned.