‘The most aggressive enemy of America’ in Congress proposed tough new sanctions against Russia

Russia should declare a state sponsor of terrorism, to impose sanctions against members of the political Bureau of the Communist party of China and entire sectors of the Iranian economy. These are the Republicans in the U.S. Congress, writes DW.

'Самый агрессивный противник Америки': в Конгрессе предложили новые жесткие санкции против России

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The Republicans of the house of representatives of the United States Congress has proposed the introduction of an unprecedented tough sanctions against Russia, China and Iran.

The proposal is contained in the published on Wednesday, June 10, the report “Strengthening America and combating global threats,” published by the influential party Committee, which consists of about 150 congressmen.

Russia, China and Iran was ranked as “the most aggressive enemy of America” against them proposed to introduce “the most severe sanctions ever proposed by Congress.”

In particular, the report Russia offered to recognize the state — sponsor of terrorism, to impose sanctions with respect to oil and gas projects, the Russian sovereign debt and controlled by Russian individuals abroad. In addition, it is planned to develop a strategy to appeal directly to the Russian people and support it in the quest for democracy, bypassing the Russian government.

Under the sanctions can get party officials of China and the enterprises of Iran

The report proposes to impose sanctions against members of the leadership of the Communist party of China because of the persecution of the Uighurs and the suppression of the protests in Hong Kong. Targeted sanctions, according to the authors of the report will be more effective than large-scale tax measures.

As for Iran, then the proposed sanctions to be imposed on some sectors of the Iranian economy, as well as related to Iran’s regional structures, in particular, supported by the Tehran militant groups outside the country.

The sanctions proposed are submitted to Congress the draft law and act as guidelines.


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