“The most beautiful”: a 15-year-old Millie Bobby brown has shared a photo in swimsuit

15 Millie Bobby brown manages everything from drama to release its own line of cosmetics. But even workaholics need a vacation and the actress deserves no less than adults colleagues.

«Самая красивая»: 15-летняя Милли Бобби Браун поделилась фото в купальнике

Recently on her Instagram Millie published a picture in a bathing suit. Judging by the wet hair, the actress really enjoyed the warm blue water and bright sun. It is not surprising that she looks peaceful and happy. On its face, not a drop of makeup, and light pink tan only beautify and refresh Millie. The actress did not disclose the details and did not say where she is resting, but a photograph shows that at this point she was on the boat.

The happy resting Millie has collected hundreds of rave reviews. “The most beautiful”, “Pretty”, “Absolutely beautiful,” wrote friends and fans. Paris Hilton sent the actress a few hearts, and the rest of the subscribers wished Millie invigorate travelers.