The most dangerous diets: when the game is definitely not worth the candle

Professor, researcher of nutrition and nutritionist from the United States says the 3 most dangerous types of diets that are guaranteed to harm the body, if you’ll long to follow them.

Самые опасные диеты: когда овчинка точно не стоит выделки

A raw food diet

This meal plan is the toughest branch of vegetarianism. Professor and nutritionist Christopher Gardner believes that a raw food diet involves eating huge amounts of raw plant foods for which our bodies were simply not adapted.

“Raw foodists do eat 85 of tomatoes and 40 carrots in order to gain the necessary amount of calories – this is totally unacceptable,” says Gardner.

The facts speak for themselves: 30% of women after prolonged adherence to this diet, the menstruation disappears.


The basis of cattily products with a predominance of fat (90 percent of the diet). As a result of low carbohydrate intake, the body forms the so-called ketone bodies, which have a toxic effect. Yes, many of this kind of diet help you lose weight, but it is hard to endure psychologically for a long time. And as a side effects are: kidney stones, constipation, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, atherosclerosis.


The ideology of this kind of power is that you must consume foods that humans ate before the development of agriculture. Paleodiet also called “diet peshernogo man.”

Allowed: vegetables, fish, meat, nuts, vegetable oils, some fruits. Banned: dairy products, cereals, sugar.

However, the nutritionist Christopher Gardner believes that it is fiction:

“Paleodiet has very little to do with the diet of ancient humans. Our ancestors did not eat meat constantly, the basis of their diet was complex carbs — grains, vegetables, legumes. To exclude them from the diet is fundamentally wrong.”