The most dangerous place in the apartment, in which the most accidents

Scientists from the U.S. found out where is the most dangerous place in the house or in the apartment. That is where there is the largest number of accidents, sometimes even fatal.

Самое опасное место в квартире, в котором происходит больше всего несчастных случаев

Surprisingly, this place is the bed. According to statistics, only in the United States each year during the fall in the dream, killed about 450 people, and is especially dangerous beds for kids. Note that in Russia, such statistics are not available.

Experts note that well-chosen bed will help you sleep well and will not cause injury. They recommend to choose housing with a good bed that will be ideal for each family member. Optimal height is 60-65 cm. At this height, easier to reach the floor, and the load on the spine will be minimal.

The dirtiest place in the house — the floor under the bed. In the composition accumulates beneath the dust, the scientists found a deadly, poisonous substances such as cadmium and lead.

Dust contains a lot of toxins and heavy metals, and, inhaling it, we constantly maintain a state of intoxication. For healthy people this may not be critical, but the elderly and children can suffer. Therefore, it is important to make regular wet cleaning – especially under the bed.

The most dangerous place in the house to charge the phone from the point of view of health is the bedroom as the influence of gadgets at night it becomes more dangerous than at any other time of the day.