The most effective sposob of protection against influenza called experts

Experts have called the most effective method of protection against influenza.

Самый эффективный спостоб защиты от гриппа назвали специалисты

The flu is particularly dangerous for children and people older than 60 years. This disease also brings side effects people suffering from chronic diseases.

Doctors claim that more reliable protection than preventive vaccination, no. The best time to get vaccinated is October and November.

Doctors say that the flu can be transmitted very easily. That can contribute to riding the subway or trains, as it is transmitted by airborne droplets.

As a result of flu infection can manifest diseases such as pneumonia, encephalitis, meningitis, exacerbation of chronic diseases and pathology of pregnancy. Especially the flu threat, which can lead to inflammation of the lungs.

Flu viruses mutate quickly, doctors say. According to them, this varies the composition of the graft.

The first stage of a flu shot are people who communicate with many people.