The most essential products for heart health

TOP 5 foods for your heart and blood vessels.

Scientists have proved that some vegetables and fruits will help strengthen the myocardium is not worse than drugs.

Самые необходимые продукты для здоровья сердца

1. Parsley

Tablespoon of juice of this vegetable pot a day is a very effective remedy for hypertension. Its bioactive substances strengthen the small blood vessels — capillaries, help to get rid of shortness of breath and improve cardiac tone in General. By the way, the parsley juice is better to drink in pure form, and add to Apple and celery or carrot. However, the juice of parsley is contraindicated in inflammation of the kidneys.

2. Tomatoes

They have a lot of potassium and magnesium, but this is not important. Ripe ground tomatoes, not the frail hothouse — a storehouse superpolator for the heart of the antioxidant lycopene. Tomato juice gently lowers arterial and intracranial pressure, it is useful to drink for hypertension and glaucoma (vascular eye disease). Just try not to buy salted juice. Excess salt disrupts the electrolyte balance, which affects the myocardium.

3. Garlic

Fresh garlic is useful for heart under one condition — if his crush. That is, as the biologists would say, “traumatic impact” on the cells of the fragrant clove in them triggers the formation of allicin. This substance has a powerful stimulating effect on blood vessels. So it is not necessary to carefully whittle spice with a sharp knife, the better — either under a press or crush with the flat of his hand.

4. Ginger

One of the most popular spice contains capsaicin burning enzyme which stimulates the blood circulation even in the small blood vessels and relieves spasms of the hypertension and headaches. Capsaicin also slightly thins the blood, reducing the risk of blood clots.

5. Broccoli

This kind of cabbage is a source of fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, all those nutrients that help maintain normal heart function. One 200-gram serving of broccoli a day helps to relax the walls of blood vessels due to the calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. Not only is cooking cabbage for a long time or a long braise, enough for five minutes to lower it in boiling water. After all, during intense heat treatment vitamin C is destroyed.