The most expensive player in the history of real Madrid faced off with the growth of NBA basketball player (photo)

Самый дорогой игрок в истории "Реала" померился ростом с баскетболистом НБА (фото)

Eden Hazard

Midfielder of real Madrid Eden hazard, who is preparing in the U.S. for surgery on the injured ankle, and met with the leader of club of NBA “Dallas Mavericks” with a Kristaps Porzingis.

The athletes decided to make a joint photo, which came out quite funny.

This is not surprising, because the growth of the Belgian 175 cm and a Latvian higher 46 see

As for the most expensive footballer in the history of the “Royal club”, it is likely that the club season completed, but the Belgian hopes to take part in Euro 2020.

On his account only 15 matches in the current season, where he scored one goal and made five assists. Last summer, Eden has moved from Chelsea for 100 million euros, due to all sorts of bonuses, this amount may increase by 40%.