The most famous criminals of the world buy luxury houses in USA: how to look like mansions

Many a mafia don, swindlers, drug lords and dictators in the USA belonged to luxurious mansions with magnificent finishes. The author of the blog “Overseas property” on “Yandex.Zen” has collected a list of notorious estates acquired through criminal proceeds.

Самым знаменитые преступники мира покупали роскошные дома в США: как выглядят особняки

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The house of Charles Ponzi in Massachusetts

Charles Ponzi — the man who built financial pyramids and perfected a fraudulent investment scheme, now bears his name. Ponzi bought a beautiful house in the colonial revival style, located in Lexington, Massachusetts, in 1920, just months before he was arrested and charged with 86 counts of fraud with ious. At the time of purchase of the real estate Ponzi received a little over $250 000 a day from their fraudulent actions, equivalent to $3.2 million in today’s money.

This huge income allowed the fraudster to hire servants, including a Butler and chef, as well as to spend money on all kinds of luxury, from silk damask Wallpaper to the conditioning and heated pool. Unfortunately for him, Ponzi was unable to enjoy the wealth of his house, as he was jailed, where he stayed for 14 years.

The mansion was then purchased by the famous lawyer, who owned it for 70 years. House with five bathrooms and seven bedrooms, which was last sold in 2015 for $2.5 million, have since been renovated, but many original elements of the time of tenure Ponzi was retained including cornices, moldings and original zinc sink in the Butler’s room.

Elegant dining room with its huge dining table and Royal chandeliers, Wallpaper and probably looked the same in 1920, when the mansion he lived Ponzi. The luxurious estate also includes a carriage house and nearly 40 acres of beautiful gardens.

Ponzi, after the liberation, continued to engage in financial fraud and was deported Home to Italy. Then, under the patronage of Benito Mussolini worked as a representative of the “Italian airlines” in Brazil and died in 1949 in a charity hospital in Rio de Janeiro from a brain hemorrhage, leaving behind $75, and was buried.

Beach house Bernie Madoff in the Hamptons

Bernie Madoff lied to 4 800 customers for the staggering sum of $64,8 billion, after committing the largest financial fraud in U.S. history and turning the world’s largest Ponzi scheme, creating a huge scale of the financial “pyramid”. Crook from new York, was jailed in 2009 for 150 years, but before his arrest, Madoff has been able to accumulate an impressive portfolio of properties, including a Manhattan penthouse and a magnificent beach house in the Hamptons.

Before 2009 it was sold to the us marshals, the house, though still very expensive, was very dilapidated and was described by a local estate agent as “dump 1980-ies in a fabulous location”. New owners, CEO, Vornado Realty Trust Steven Roth and his wife, producer of the Tony Award Daryl Roth, purchased the mansion for $9.4 million and soon began its reconstruction.

Znamenitogo the couple hired architect Thierry Despont, to monitor the reconstruction of the house, with an area of 278 square meters, now has a total of three bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms. Despont, greatly changed the interior of the house and even went so far as to create a large double height room, and moved the front door from the second floor to the first.

Other distinctive features of the renovated buildings include a huge stone fireplace, “smart house” and a stunning swimming pool. As you can see, now the property is worth significantly more than the Company paid for it in 2010, and she currently is on sale for $19.9 million

Florida Villa al Capone

At the height of his power, in 1928, the Chicago gangster al Capone bought impressive Villa on the island of palm island, South Beach district Miami to have a place to rest from noisy city. Having a large cash received from activities of a bootlegging, Capone spent on this property almost a million dollars.

With such a large number of enemies, which had Capone, for obvious reasons, he was paranoid, when it came to security. To be safe, he reportedly spent nearly $200 thousand for additional protections for an amazing estate, which costs today about $3 million, adjusted for inflation. These measures included the erection of walls with height more than 2 metres with floodlights, and gatehouse for protection.

In may 1929, Capone was jailed for nine months after he was caught with unregistered guns, and then he was again jailed for seven years in 1931 on charges of tax evasion. Capone was released from famous prison Alcatraz in 1939. Seriously ill with syphilis in the late stage, he spent the last years of his life in a mansion in Miami with his wife Mae, where he died in 1947.

In the end, Mae Capone sold the property with four bedrooms in 1952. She was introduced to the market in 2018 at a price of $14.9 million, after extensive renovation. In the former hideout of mafia boss retains some features of art Deco, including original glazed tiles.

Asylum Vincent Palermo to Houston

According to rumors, the prototype for the character Tony Soprano in the award-winning HBO series “the Sopranos”, became an FBI informant Vincent Palermo, who was the de facto boss of the crime family from new Jersey — DeCavalcante. After working with law enforcement, Palermo fell under the witness protection program and moved to a secure mansion in Houston under the name Vincent Cabella in 2003.

This is a real Palace, a property with five bedrooms fantastically beautiful. The mansion is surrounded by lush gardens, among which is located the ornate fountain and pool. The house is impressive with many elements of luxury, from the marble floors and columns, and exquisite finishing. Main lobby boasts crystal chandeliers, expensive antique furniture, Murano glass mirrors, plush carpets and a magnificent Grand piano.

Palermo, of course, spared no expense when it came to decorating his shelter, and the atmosphere of ostentation is particularly striking in bedrooms. The main bedroom has a four poster bed mahogany, exquisite chandelier and marble fireplace, which must have a cost a fortune.

In a magnificent mansion even has a spacious home theater, which is perfect for watching all the episodes of “the Sopranos.” It is the seat of Palermo was solved in 2009, and a few weeks after that, he put the mansion for sale with an asking price of $4 million, However, then the buyer on a specific property is not found. To sell the house succeeded only in 2015 for $2.9 million

Residence Tony Accardo river forest

Tony Accardo with the nickname Joe Butters, and Big tuna, became the boss of the Chicago mob in 1972, when it was headed by al Capone. Before he climbed to the top of the mafia hierarchy, gangster lived in a luxurious mansion in the Chicago suburb of river forest.

House with beautiful hardwood floors, exquisite finishes and high-quality brick fireplaces, has all the attributes required in order to match the level of the residence of the leader of the mafia. Apart from a few truly Royal receptions and bedrooms, the mansion has a library, cedar Spa, large three-car garage and gorgeous pool.

The life of a mob boss is hard and dangerous. Once in his house one day, thieves came Accardo sold the house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, first moved into the apartment in the same area, and then in the home of his daughter and son-in-law in Barrington hills, Illinois. There he died of respiratory and heart failure in 1992.

House in River Forest was purchased in 1983 by an anonymous buyer who in 2017 put the property for sale for $2.3 million House stood on the market and after a series of price cuts have been sold for $1.1 million, far below the value which the owner hoped to get.

The Los Angeles mansion Joe Lowe

In 2012, the Malaysian businessman Joe Lowe, who financed the production of the film “the Wolf of wall street”, has spent 39 million dollars on this luxury modern mansion located in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. Soon after, he left the country, leaving their new home empty. Lowe, who is still on the run, wanted by the FBI for his alleged involvement in the multibillion-dollar corruption scandal in Malaysia.

According to the indictment, Lowe is accused of laundering billions of dollars of illegal income. After Lowe fled the country, the Federal government confiscated the mansion and he was put up for sale. Real estate with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, was eventually sold last year for $18.5 million, well below the initially requested prices ($24.5 million) and less than half the amount paid Lowe’s for the house in 2012.

Built in the 1980-ies as a house party, it was completely rebuilt the lead developer Neil Niemi and turned into glass mega-mansion, with an area of 1 207 square meters, with spacious living areas, open plan, Windows from floor to ceiling, separate guest house and a house for protection.

Oddly enough, Lowe spent the short time that he owned apart, disassembling the interior and exterior finishes, and when the property was put up for sale, most of the work done by Neil Niemi and his team, were destroyed. However, the buyer made a good deal and probably intends to get profit in next time, when the house will be sold again.



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