The most harmful kind of bread

The most harmful is the bread, which takes a few lines.

Назван самый вредный вид хлеба

According to him, the simpler the bread, the better. Ideally the ingredients list should consist of flour, water and salt. However, most manufacturers do not stop there.

Solomatin also noted the particular benefits of rye bread. The loaf is superior in vitamin content and amino acids of wheat bread, besides black — less calories.

However, to find on the shelves of real rye bread is a big problem. Usually, stores sell the product, where rye flour is very little.

Manufacturers use wheat flour and dye, — said Solomatin.

The expert advised to carefully study the product before purchasing and pay special attention to the ingredients that are in the top of the list of them and cooked the bread. The latter is indicated small amount of additive.