The most important document in America: the most important in the United States

Our people are accustomed that the main document is a passport, but in the US the situation is a little different. The author of the blog “the Alphabet of the immigrant” at “Yandex.Zen” is the most important document in the United States.

Самый важный документ в Америке: без чего нельзя обойтись в Штатах

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Hereinafter in the first person.

US passport is not at all. In fact, we need it here only for international tourism. The people in the country are, as a rule, driver’s license (driver license). Since the USA has a well-developed domestic tourism, many for his life did not leave the country, and not having a passport.

But without any document life in the United States is impossible, so is the social security number (social security number or SSN).

What is SSN?

It is a unique combination of nine digits that is assigned to man.

Initially this system was needed in order to quickly and accurately track all payments for each person.

The card itself with SSN unremarkable: according to the size of a conventional credit card, a cardboard card. Valuable room, which are all carefully stored and not tell anyone.

Who is eligible to obtain a SSN
  1. Citizens (obtained immediately after birth),
  2. Holders of green cards;
  3. Holders of work visas;
  4. Holders of work permits (which have to obtain if the visa was originally not for work, for example, when the man arrived at the turvize and filed for political asylum);
  5. Obladateli student visas (F-1 or M-1);
  6. Participants of exchange programs (J-1 or J-2).
Why you need a SSN
  • When a person gets a job, the employer could inform the tax on his income;
  • To get any types of benefits (retirement, unemployment, etc.);
  • When a person fills in a tax return;
  • When a person opens an account in a Bank (only some banks can open an account without SSN);
  • In the case of a loan or mortgage;
  • For identification and verification of credit history;
  • To buy health insurance (you can buy without it, but then for full price and then it will be impossible to deduct);
  • For rental housing (not in all States, but the landlord may request a SSN to check the credit history);
  • In the civil service, military registration, etc.

And this list could go on.

SSN is a unique number, “bar code” for each person. It allows SSN to confirm identity. For example, when you call the Bank/insurance company and other companies, an employee who responds to you should be sure that it is you. So he can ask the last four digits of SSN is not the entire room but to identify helps.

What if SSN was stolen

Cases of identity theft is a frequent occurrence. For example, of the latter. When the IRS sent out for $1200 per adult and $500 per child, the key factor was the presence of this SSN. And enjoyed the scammers. They called the man, presented by the social workers, said that handling the payments, and for this they need the data of the person, including SSN. With these data they have filed “zero” tax return (i.e. nothing for the year has not earned), but pointed account number your. So the crooks were relying on others money.

Ex-husband of my friend pointed out her social security number in the tax return, resulting in a received the money on yourself and on her. She’s got nothing.

In such a situation, an urgent need to contact the social security administration — they will take action.

How to get SSN

There are two options:

  • When making status in the United States when to complete the form DS-260 or the application for a work permit (Form I-765). In these documents you just need to tick the box that you need a SSN.
  • The second way is to go to the social security administration. There filled statement, and within 7-10 days the person gets your SSN in the mail.

Honestly, I don’t know how to live without a SSN in the States. It is needed everywhere.

Is it comfortable? Yes! You don’t need to carry it with you as a passport. It is important to remember the numbers and all.



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