The most picturesque and romantic road in the U.S.: what you need to know about the journey along the famous highway in California

Imagine footage from Hollywood movies: endless beaches, knocking down the waves, the rocks, jutting right into the ocean, national parks with a millennial redwoods. All in one journey on the most beautiful road in California, writes the author of the blog Ozon.Travel on “Yandex.Zen”.

Самая живописная и романтичная дорога в США: что нужно знать о путешествии по известному шоссе в Калифорнии

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Be sure to watch in California

The legendary route SR1, or Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) runs along the California coast on 1055 km and It is called the most romantic road in the United States. Then it captures the spirit from the wind and stunning views.

No stops all the way along the road takes about 10 hours. But is it possible not to stay here? The trip is preferably 5-7 days, stopping in cities at the review sites, and just where your heart desires.

The most picturesque part of California route from San Francisco to Los Angeles. You can go from any city, whether you are moving from North to South or Vice versa.

In San Francisco you can also stay for a few days, but surely you first go see the Golden gate bridge.

In aristocratic Monterey you are waiting for the boat, sea lions on the pier, cafe with seafood. If it seems too loud, drive a little further to Carmel , a charming hamlet that looks like a postcard.

In big sur you will find those fascinating landscapes that inspired Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac and thousands of hippies, artists, and lovers of freedom.

After the bridge Bixby, one of the most famous and photographed bridges, you can continue your journey on the road or collapse on the old 18-mile Old Coast Road, which sneaks through forests, canyons and give you picturesque views of the Pacific ocean. But keep in mind that when it rains this road to drive.

Elephant seal rookery , Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery you can hardly miss it — there are a lot of cars and tourists, so this place is hard to miss.

From San Simeon take the time to roll into the state to Hearst castle. 61 bedroom, pool inside, a stylized Roman baths, antique pediment by the pool with ocean views, a private aerodrome and the zoo — in a word, there is something to see.

Solang is another reason to turn off the PCH. Absolutely not expect to see in California, the Danish village with all the trappings: toy houses, windmills, traditional cakes, and even a copy of the little Mermaid.

Santa Barbara will surprise you with a leisurely and measured life under the palm trees, numerous cafes, where the bartender lazily wipes the glasses.

But for those who like to actively spend their time, ideal Ventura. Here you will find great surfing and many other attractions.

And of course what is California without its beautiful beaches. In Malibu you will see dazzling miles of perfect beach.

By Los Angeles you will not pass and will definitely find something to entertain.

What you need to know before you travel

Though it is a popular route, it can be difficult without proper preparation. Here, advice from travelers:

Best weather from spring to autumn, but peak season is from April to August. Winter is very windy, but from January to April in the ocean to see whales. Check the weather here.

Winter got eroded sections of the route, so it is better to check the condition of the roads in advance. This can be done by reference.

If going in a winter trip, think about where will be staying. The sun sets early, it is better to plan overnight stays along the way.

Do not rent a car directly at the airport: in the city agencies will be cheaper. Renting a car will be more expensive if you leave it elsewhere — consider this when planning the budget.

The great outdoors, and mostfrom before will roll on the famous track. Gas stations here are few and very expensive gasoline.

Along the road is not the normal shops only in the cities. So everything necessary is also better to stock up in advance.

Some sections of the road are closed. So if scaling down to the beach to watch the sunset, to return the same way it is better not to risk it.

If you know exactly where you will spend the night, book your hotels in advance: on the spot will be more expensive. Does the standard rule is: the closer the hotel to the beach, the higher the price.

Camping is not possible everywhere — after all, national parks. But there are official campsites, including on the coast.


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