The most popular methods of prevention of colds was useless

Popular methods of prevention and treatment of colds diseases, is ineffective. This was told by doctor Andrew Tyazhelnikov.

Самые популярные методы профилактики простуды оказались бесполезными

Many people like to wear a gauze bandage as protection from viral diseases, but we forget that it loses its function after three hours of wearing, the doctor said. Then the mask itself and is transformed into a source of infection.

Wearing the armband makes sense only when visiting places where there may be contact with sick people. For example, when you visit the clinic, said Tyazhelnikov.

Oxolinic ointment and burying his nose in the juice of garlic is useless as a means of prevention, he said. The fact that ointments glue microvilli inside the nose, which should prevent the ingestion of viruses and bacteria. And use drops of garlic at all dangerous because you could burn the mucosa.

Sharply to harden during cold and flu season is also not recommended, as autumn and winter the body is weakened.

— Sudden cooling can lead to various diseases, and if you really really want to toughen up, then it should be done very gradually, — explained the expert.

Treatment tea with raspberry jam is also useless because the vitamin C in the composition of the raspberries breaks down under high temperature, the doctor said. Raspberries as a source of vitamins are best consumed in fresh or in dried form.

The medic stressed that the best disease prevention is annual vaccination.