The most ridiculous profession in the United States: what does flagger and how much he paid

The most ridiculous, in my opinion, a profession that is in the labor market in the US — holder of road signs, says Koval Evgeniy “Yandex Zen”.

Самая нелепая профессия в США: чем занимается флаггер и сколько ему платят

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Yes, in the US there is such a profession — flagger. To work as a holder signs, it is necessary to pass courses and obtain certification.

That prevents to put to a stand the signs “stop” and “slow”, as is done throughout the world in construction or road works and not to make this a profession?!

What do flaggery?

Flaggery — people on construction sites who control traffic. These are men and women standing along roads and highways who help traffic through the construction zone, despite the traffic stop at certain lines.

Flaggery often work in teams, each of them controls traffic flow in a particular direction, says the website

Flaggery needs to stand on feet for a long time and understand how best to manage the traffic. Flagger can rearrange signal cones to use signs and give hand signals to communicate with motorists.

The representatives of this profession should be sufficiently self-confident to stand in front of cars, sometimes in unbearable heat, sometimes in the middle of the night. In addition, they must be confident that with their help, the movement will not be more confusing than it should be. And if motorists do not obey signs, such signalers can record license plates to report to the police.

How to earn flaggery

As of January 2020 on the website of the job search for the work of flagger on average offer $12 to $18 per hour.


How to become flaggers?

You can start the job with a high school diploma or GED. The training will be conducted on the job.

Skills and requirements

  • Endurance: flaggery carried out on the feet for a long time, often in adverse conditions.
  • Teamwork: must be able to work and communicate with other employees.
  • Communication: flaggery must speak and understand bosses, co-workers and drivers during their working day.

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