The most strange and bizarre criminal history 2019

Unfortunately, crimes on all of US happen every day, but there are some that make you think and sometimes even to laugh. Starting with dance with the lions and ending police chases with his toy trucks. Edition of Fox News gathered seven of the most strange and bizarre crime stories of the year.

Самые странные и причудливые криминальные истории 2019 года

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The man in Slippers-the deer tries to steal a women’s wheelchair

A man from Arizona, clad in Slippers, the deer fled the scene, but the police still found.

26-year-old Austin Sharbutt, was arrested in December after he was seen on the surveillance camera, trying to get wheelchair woman from under her when they boarded the train in Phoenix.

Other passengers came to the aid of the woman, and Sharbutt was caught after thousands of people shared his picture online.

“Despite the fact that it Slippers, the deer, the offender has not spread festive mood”, — said in the police Department of Phoenix, noting that Sharbutt “was still a vow in these Slippers when he was arrested”.

Bank robber hands the teller a note with the name and address

Some Bank robbers wear wigs. Others wear masks. According to investigators, the man made little effort to conceal his identity.

54-year-old Michael Harrell was arrested in August after he ordered the cashier to transfer money from branch of US Bank in Cleveland, using a note with full name and address.

According to investigators, the cashier called the Harrell name and gave him an unknown amount before calling 911. He was taken into custody a few days.

Not surprisingly, the FBI agent at the time said, “When you give a note that has your name and address, it helps law enforcement agencies.”

A man caught driving a stolen SUV on the way to salvation brother, who was also arrested for stealing SUV

Police handling the case, must have felt a lot of deja vu.

In November in Kansas, a man was arrested driving a stolen SUV, he did it to help out his brother, who just hours ago was jailed for stealing another SUV.

The first caught the man was 36-year-old Eric Dean Maccracken. He was arrested for was driving a Chevy Trailblazer with a suspended license. Then the police showed that they learned that the SUV was registered as stolen.

A few hours later his younger brother, 32-year-old Keith ray McCracken, was arrested after officers chased a stolen Chevy Silverado, 2015.

“It is believed that the younger McCracken was sent to the Jackson County jail to post bail for his older brother,” said the police. Since then, they are reunited in prison.

The woman jumps in the cage with the lion dances before him

In September, video from the new York woman who is dancing in front of the lions in his cage, went viral.

Images taken after 32-year-old MIA Autry climbed to the lion in the cage, show that it is only a few feet from the animal, who just looks back, obviously confused by the presence of women.

The woman later posted a video and photos of close contact in Instagram even went so far that teased the new York city police who went looking for her on two counts of committing a crime, when she broke into the lion’s den and the enclosure for the giraffes. Eventually she was discovered and arrested in November.

A man stealing from the store, then returned to ask for work

There are many ways to try to force employers to notice you — but this is not one of them.

According to investigators, the man who in April filed an application for a position in the sporting goods store in Wyoming, first bought a few items with the map awards, but did not pay for the glasses and ammo while you were in there.

He then returned three hours later — this time to ask about employment.

The suspect, whose statement of employment was not satisfied, was arrested in connection with the alleged thefts. Police said they took the items.

The woman behind the wheel of a toy truck leads police on slow chase

The fastest way to start a career as a professional wrestler is a … to grab a children’s toy, toy cart and get the police?

Police in South Carolina in June accused the woman of Walhalla in drunk driving after she went on the road in a silver truck Power Wheels near her home.

Police said that 25-year-old Megan Holman dodged because her mode of transport was a toy, not a vehicle.

Women steal the stroller from the store, but leave one of their children

If you are going to run away, don’t leave anyone behind.

Three women in new Jersey tried to steal the stroller in the store, but one of them forgot her child in the store.

According to police, the other two women distracted a worker at the store, and the third one went for the stroller. The women left the store, but one of them left a precious cargo — her own baby.

Later, the police arrested two women and a stolen wheelchair returned.