The most useful types of Breakfast for the intestines

Has long been well known that Breakfast is beneficial to health. But what exactly meals to consume in the morning to benefit the intestines?

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Yogurt. This is a wonderful product that retains a good balance of protein, probiotics, and healthy carbs. By themselves, probiotics are the “good” bacteria that strengthen intestinal health. Choose yogurt with no flavors.

Bananas. Very useful when consumed in the morning. Contain high levels of fat and carbohydrates, so eating bananas for Breakfast provides the digestive organs work the whole day. They contain probiotics, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Bananas give long lasting feeling of satiety.

Hercules. Oatmeal contains fiber, which reduces levels of “bad” cholesterol and control blood sugar levels. Contained in the oat carbohydrates are beneficial for intestinal health. If you do not want to eat oatmeal as porridge, then add it to smoothies, pancakes or yogurt.

Apples. They contain pectin and polyphenols that are considered beneficial for gut health. These antioxidants reduce inflammation in the body. Present in apples, soluble fiber can also reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol.

Seeds. Rich in nutrients the seeds contain proteins, fatty acids and fiber. It’s a prebiotic soluble fiber, which is very useful for the functionality of the intestine. A teaspoon of peeled sunflower seeds can be added to any porridge or in smoothies.