The mother of the new bride’s Vitorgan commented on their romance

Мать новой избранницы Виторгана прокомментировала их роман

While the ex-husband of Ksenia Sobchak Maxim Vitorgan not in a hurry to comment on the relationship with Nino Ninidze, it was the mother of a young actress. The star of the film “Heavenly swallows” Iya Ninidze approved the daughter’s choice. She confessed that she had long been acquainted with the family Maxim, communicated with his dead mother, Alla Balter, respects the father of Emmanuel Vitorgan.

Мать новой избранницы Виторгана прокомментировала их роман

I only! I’m the mother of Maxim — Alia Balter knew, and with his father — Emmanuel Vitorgan very familiar… I Believe that the former should be able to be in a great relationship. I have here, for example, had three husbands and no one else I swear. Kirill Pletnev, despite the breakup with my Nino, remained well received in our house. Cares about his son and my grandson Sandro, the man who shot him walks. In General, the children parted like civilized people. And it was good”, commented Ninidze.

About the novel Maxim and Nino began in early summer. The couple appeared together in Odessa, and then Vitorgan and Ginindza together with the children spent a vacation in Greece. Their younger children Plato and Sandro get along well together.

Мать новой избранницы Виторгана прокомментировала их роман

Look for someone with whom to be silent and not to speak. For someone alone, and not in the hustle and bustle. Who’s ready to get out ahead only when a frontal attack is the one who is always ready, at the time of a frontal attack, as a rule, serves as the clerk of the enemy. And run from those who abhors a vacuum — that without it, arise the black hole, sucks in all the living and non-living has long been. They, at first glance, all the rages, but in fact there is no life, no space, no time. After black holes there is nothing left. No content or trace”, — says Vitorgan in the network.

Recall that Sobchak and Vitorgan concealed his affair. Even close found out about the wedding day celebrations. In the winter there were rumors about the star’s divorce and affair with Sobchak with Bogomolov. Soon the rumors were confirmed. September 13, shocking the couple played loud wedding.

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