The mother spent three years searching for the son: all this time his body was lying on the floor in his apartment (photos)

Мать три года искала сына: все это время его труп лежал на полу у него в квартире (фото)

A veteran of the naval forces of the United States Ronald Wayne white stopped communicating with his mother, Doris Stevens three years ago. Mother and son saw each other not too often. They lived in different States and he was in Texas, she is on long island in new York. In addition, Ronald traveled often. However he always called his mother twice a month — even if it was abroad.

Last time they met in November 2016. Ronald bought a house in the Philippines and was going to move there, but said mother, would postpone departure until the presidential election. Then Doris thought he was, apparently, too busy moving. In the end, she got worried. But after April 2017, Doris could not reach him on his birthday, she went to the police. There she said that can’t do anything about — white of age, he travels a lot and regularly pay for utilities.

The man divorced his wife 20 years ago and had virtually no contact with her and with my two older children. No one knew about his whereabouts. Doris thought about hiring a private investigator, but she was not affordable. She’s done her homework, but it turned out that the son changed his apartment, and his new address is not known.

As writes the edition People, recently control of the house in the suburbs of Dallas, where before his death, lived white, I decided to check the apartment residents who, for whatever reasons, do not use water. When you check most of these apartments were empty, but in the home of Ronald found him almost completely decomposed corpse: he was lying on the kitchen floor.

According to experts, the man died three years ago. At the time of his death he was 51 years old. In recent years, white was suffering from diabetes. To a new apartment, judging by the date of prescription, found in his apartment, he moved in less than two weeks before he died. Apparently, the man suddenly became ill, he fell from his chair and died.

Shocked Doris cannot understand how the death of her son could remain unnoticed to others. His car was in a public Parking lot, covered with dust. In his corner, the apartment was hermetically closed Windows: neighbours say they do not feel any suspicious odors. Payment for utility services is carried out automatically from his Bank account.

Мать три года искала сына: все это время его труп лежал на полу у него в квартире (фото)

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