The MP from the conservatives found a violation in the actions of Trudeau (PHOTO)

Парламентарий от консерваторов усмотрел нарушение в действиях Трюдо (ФОТО)

September 29, crowds of people rushed to the square, Nathan Phillips Toronto to see Justin Trudeau. This outing was very positive for the Prime Minister, who recently got in touch with photos scandal. However, the success of this event is not for everybody: one of the deputies of the conservative party claims that the leader ignore the rules about bringing people to support the interests of a particular party.

Trudeau appeared on the square Nathan Phillips on Sunday night, dressed in a jacket with the logo of the liberals. He made a few brief remarks on small stands, before descending down to talk with the audience. The Prime Minister did a selfie, exchanging handshakes with his supporters, that is, doing all that is expected from the policy during the election campaign, but the problem is not that he did, and where it happened.

The rule of “Using public resources during the election period” provides that the city’s facilities and infrastructure can be used by Federal candidate for any election-related purposes. In accordance with this rule will not “establish or demonstrate” signs of party affiliation on or near city parks or facilities.

Square Nathan Phillips, despite the fact that open space is included in the list of places that can not be used for purposes related to the election. However, it is unclear whether the qualifies logo of the liberal party on the jacket Trudeau as a “demonstration” of the sign.

As reported by CBC, the conservative MP Peter Kent, who represents Thornhill, wrote a letter to Valerie Jepsen, city Commissioner ethics, on the possible violation of the rules committed by Trudeau:

“While the past actions of Mr. Trudeau indicates that he believes that for him there are some rules, but for everyone else – the other, I am sure that you will agree that all candidates and their campaigns must adhere to uniform standards,” said Kent in his letter.

“I’ll look forward to your response on what the appropriate measures are taken with respect to Mr. Trudeau for violating a resolution adopted by the city Council of Toronto”, – he added.

It is unclear whether any negative consequences for Trudeau in connection with a stay at Plaza of Nathan Phillips and if so, when, but it must be noted that conservative MP managed to cause quite a stir.

Trudeau has recently come to the attention of social media users after he announced that he will join Snapchat. The Canadians immediately began to ridicule the Prime Minister for wanting to open an account in an application that is mostly used by teenagers under the age of 18 years, to share a selfie.