The mystery continues around the corpse found in a trash can

Mystery continues around corpse found in trash can


More than 48 hours after the discovery of the body of a man in a garbage can in a luxury neighborhood of Montreal, the mystery remained unsolved for residents yesterday.  

“Normally it’s quiet here. We are next to Mount Royal, people jog and take family walks on weekends. I had never heard of drama like that on our street”, launches in English Sandra Mackay. 

It is in the apartment of one of his neighbors, on the avenue des Pins, that the horror would have occurred on Friday evening. Around 7:20 p.m., the police went to the wealthy neighborhood of the Golden Square Mile. A 911 call had been made earlier in connection with bloodstains found inside and outside the building. 

Ongoing investigation

Officers from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) later discovered a corpse in a wheelie bin on Avenue du Docteur-Penfield, located 280 m from the building where they first intervened. . 

The day after the tragedy, Le Journal noted that forensic identification and investigators were still busy in the luxurious building on Avenue des Pins. 

“We have nothing new on this case today. We will also have to wait for the autopsy of the victim to better understand what happened,” explained briefly agent Véronique Comtois, spokesperson for the SPVM. 

Marques de abuse

For the moment, it is still unknown the identity or even the age of the man found dead in the garbage. However, the SPVM specified that the individual bore marks of violence on his body. 

“There were a lot of police here yesterday, around 11 p.m. I was unable to go home. […] What worries me is that we are full of students who live in the area. I would just like to know if I know him”, mentions Imaël Khan, who lives on avenue du Docteur-Penfield. 

Citizens also confided that they were worried that no suspect has been arrested for this 27th murder committed in Montreal since the beginning of the year. 

Note that this is the second time in almost two months that a corpse has been hidden in the garbage of Quebec's metropolis. The body of Richard Lizotte, 58, was found last August in a recycling bin in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district.